More and more players are looking for a reliable, trusted place for gambling with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Before you deposit blindly your valuable cryptocurrencies a random casino, you should read the reviews presented in

We at have been researching the of bitcoin casinos industry since it’s emergence. The team of has played and tested each casino and made a background check of each casino including users reviews in forums and social media.
Best BitCoin Casinos for 2018

Bitcoin is a digital currency that enables instant payments anywhere in the world. It uses peer-to-peer and cryptographic technology to operate; money issued, and transactions are managed collectively by the network, meaning there is no central authority.

bitcoin e-wallet on computer or mobile device or can store it in the online wallet.

Advantages of bitcoin casinos

Quicker Processing Times of withdrawals and deposits
The Currency And Its Infrastructure Provide You With Greater Privacy (An Email Address Is All You Need To Create An Account).
No Payment Processing Costs And It Eliminates The Risk Of Credit Card Fraud.
Enhanced Control Over The Security Of Your Funds.
Factors to consider when choosing a Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin has revolutionized the online gambling industry. Bitcoins bets are legal all over the world, deposits made instantly and are very easy to complete. Just like before playing in a real-money casino, the player has to research thoroughly before depositing money into a gambling site. Because not all websites are the same and some are apparently are better to avoid.

Bitcoin has only recently become part of the gambling world, which is why online casino providers are just beginning to offer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment options. A quick Google search gives many different results – some providers look amateurish, others are similar to traditional online casinos.

Since Bitcoin is anonymous and transacts transactions immediately, the casinos in the industry have developed the “provably fair” system to underline the seriousness of casinos. Since these casinos do not need a gambling license, it became necessary to use the Provably Fair software. When looking for a Bitcoin casino, one should, therefore, make sure that the provider has either Provably Fair system or has a gambling license.

Another factor that should consider is anonymity. Although some casinos that play for real money have begun to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, they still require that all personal information provided to play on the website. Therefore, preferably the chosen casino should be operated only with cryptocurrencies. It does not matter if the player has something to hide or not – the main advantage of Bitcoin casinos is the fact that it does not take hours of player identity verification. It will allow you to start playing immediately after the account created. Deposits and withdrawals are settled promptly, which means that no proof of identity has to be sent to customer service if big wins made.
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